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Is Shocktober Festival Free Admission?

No. You have a choice of Admission Pass depending on the level of haunt attractions you wish to experience. You will receive a wristband or handstamp as proof of admission. Tickets allocated for Haunt admissions.


Why are the evenings priced differently?

The Shocktober Festival is open for just 19 evenings over the Halloween period. It is important that we can accommodate everybody, so we have incentivised the first few evenings slightly to encourage some of the crowds into the earlier part of the season.

Are admission passes refundable?

No. Admission passes are non refundable.


Is there a way to avoid the Q’s ?

Yes. You can buy fast track passes online or on the gate however these are limited 


What attractions are suitable for Wheelchair users?

Unfortunately the awkward spaces that make up many of the haunted attractions mean that only the Haunted Hayride is suitable for wheelchair users.


Do we need to prepare for the site to be muddy?

The Halloween Festival site has hard walkways However we would normally expect rain in October, so be prepared for the car park fields to be muddy.We suggest you wear suitable footwear for being on a farm!


Will we get cold?

We suggest you prepare for the changeable autumnal weather and bring suitable warm clothing. We do have fire pits close to one of the refreshment areas and gas space heaters in two food courts